Hi Nigel, Thanks very much for getting those labels done quickly. They look very good. Thanks,

- Sean O'Brien

John, Absolutely fantastic! They came out perfect, I haven't seen them all yet, only pulled out one of each but they look great. Have to sign and number them all up over the weekend. Glow in the dark is amazing. I will have to show these to some of my artist mates and hopefully a lot more business for you. Thanks mate for all your help, I'll be in touch about some more posters soon. All the best

- Rhys

Hi guys, I'd like to thank you for the very speedy service on the following orders. "01-20002-34 VHF label" "34.20002 VHF uplink / downlink attenuation stickers". This puts us in a much better position with our production - thank you again for your time and help.

- Owen Neeson

Hi Nigel, I just saw these on Friday, thanks for getting them done so quickly! They look really good and I'm sure they'll do the job just fine on vinyl instead on polycarbonate. I'm thinking of ordering another batch in silver - would they cost more than on white? Cheers,

- Tash

Hi Nigel, We are very happy with the sample supplied. Please proceed with manufacture. Regards,

- Nathan Case

Hi Nigel, Thanks very much for the labels; we received them yesterday. The printing looks great, and the fast turn-around is most appreciated. There were a couple of things that I would like to discuss with you, when you are available. I understand you are away for the next few days so I have detailed for you below. Many thanks & kind regards,

- Gemma

Thanks Nigel, You did wonders in the time frame. I know you were under the pump, but you still managed to help me. I will be at the laminaters at 3pm as per schedule. I will start positive forcasting with you when I have Tangible plans and reactions from the end users. Kindest regards,

- John Nicholson

An enormous thank you to everyone for our digi-labels. Just got them and they look AMAZING! I know you bent over backwards to get them out to us in the middle of equipment dramas, and in the scheme of things it's probably a small and annoying job, so I can't thank you enough. They are perfect, perfect, perfect! High five to you all! Cheers,

- Tash Littlewood

Nigel, You are a legend. Thanks so much for what you did for John and Myself today. We were in the car up at Mt Dandenong coming back to Blackburn and John said lets swing past Briter because he had a feeling that you had done all-ready, what we had hoped could be done on Friday. His words were you can depend on this guy. I love the way the Y touches the line on the planners. Please thank the art person who set all of the overlays out. It is such a nice clean look. Love the results your new digital produces. It is the way of the future. See you soon and again. THANKS

- Greg Short

Good Morning Nigel, Just an email to thank you for all your help the last few weeks in regards to the Lens cap logos you made for us, They turned out Fantastic! Thanks for your efforts in getting them out in the 3 weeks, as I understand this time of the year is pretty hectic! They were a hit with my boss, and the GM they loved them. If we need any other Logos made up, I know where to come! Kind Regards,

- Jared Thompson

Dear Nigel, I received the samples today. They are wonderful. I am amazed by the quality of the colour photo representation. It is quite incredible. Thank you very much for sending those through. We are keen to move forward with Briter and would like you to provide a formal quote for the artwork files our client has selected. We will be moving forward with an all in one label so only one each size.

- Gemma

Hello Nigel, Kelly, We've received the latest shipment of labels and they all look really good. Thank you for your help and advice. Kind regards

- Tim Durrant