Facias / Graphic Overlays

Facias or Graphic Overlays are used in a variety of applications – the control panel for your washing machine, microwave oven or alarm system is most likely one. They are also used in many other areas like industrial (machine control panels etc), medical (nurse call buttons, ECG control panels, X-Ray machines), automotive (radiator warning labels, climate control systems, etc), pool and solar (control panel facias), mining (communications equipment) and many others.

Different applications can have different requirements (exposed to the sun will need a UV resistant overlay whereas in a medical application resistance to chemical activity might be a higher priority), we can assist you in selecting the right facia/overlay for your requirements.

Some of the options available for an overlay are:

Polycarbonate is tough and hardwearing substrate that will last well in a warm environment. It is available in a range of thicknesses and finishes that make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Polyester is the strongest of these materials. It is UV resistant and so is ideal for outdoor applications. It also has strong chemical resistance. With an anti-microbe coating it can be an ideal solution in medical and military applications.

Other robust substrate materials are mar resist Polycarbonate, PETG, acrylic and Hi-impact acrylic.

We can create facias with many different features such as:

  • Backlit Sections
  • Secret-till-lit legends and icons
  • Tinted filter display windows
  • Key and feature embossing
  • Interchangeable legends
  • Die cut apertures
  • Selective areas printed as gloss, textured, matt, antiglare or other surface finishes
  • Water clear or anti-glare LCD windows
  • Selective Adhesive (i.e. Adhesive-Free Buttons, Windows Etc.)

Print Colours

We stock a huge range of standard printing colours or Pantone & special matches are available.