Custom Membrane Switches

A membrane switch is a printed electronic circuit that uses pressure to open and close a circuit. It is usually printed on PET with a conductive ink that includes silver and a conductive graphite layer to stop deterioration by corrosion.

The visible top layer is the graphic overlay and the printed circuit is underneath on another layer.

These switches are used on equipment to pass commands from users to electronic devices. Your computer keyboard or microwave oven will probably have a membrane switch to control its operation..

The main benefits of membrane switches are the ease of cleaning and sterilisation (particularly in health applications), the ability to seal out dirt and moisture and their low profile.

We currently specialise in the low to medium volume manufacture of flexible and rigid membrane switch panels.

The membranes offer such features as:

  • Tactile and non-tactile switches
  • Secret-till-lit legends and icons
  • Tinted Filter display windows
  • Key and Feature embossing
  • Interchangeable legends
  • Die cut apertures
  • Selective areas printed as gloss, textured, matt, antiglare or other surface finishes
  • Water clear or anti glare LCD display windows
  • RFI/ESD shields

Our membrane switch panels are produced almost exclusively from polyester based materials offering excellent environmental performance under the most exacting conditions. Tactile response can be provided by stainless steel domes or thermally formed polyester "polydomes". Environmental sealing and electrical terminations can be provided to suit your enclosure and electronics.

General Applications

  • Switches and circuits are printed with a high silver content conductive ink on to 0.125mm polyester.
  • Connections with female connector fixed on the flat cable type terminal, or connection by insertion of the flat cable into a female connector mounted on the card to be connected.
  • Design is protected by the front panel, generally about 0.25 or 0.175mm thick.
  • Practically unlimited shape possibilities.
  • Adhesive film on reverse for quick mounting.
  • Coloured or non-coloured transparent areas for the display system or LEDS to preserve the sealing.
  • Circuit resistance according to the circuit length and the track width: generally lower than 200 ohms.
  • Operating voltage generally lower than 24 V - maximum: 50 V.
  • Normal operating current between 1 and 5 mA - maximum: 30 mA.
  • Maximal contact bounce: 5 ms.


  • Flat switches: 0.15mm - 0.20mm.
  • Tactile switches: 0.50mm - 0.90mm according to the embossing size.
  • Contact during the pressure time.
  • Operating force of 1 to 3 N proportional to the switch dimension and the switches type (flat or with tactile effect).
  • Dustproof and waterproof.
  • Operating temperature between -25C and + 65C.

We can help you with all types of membrane switches: flat, with sensitive touch guide, tactile effects, with or without female connectors. We can also supply switches mounted on plastic or metal panels.

Print Colours

We stock a huge range of standard printing colours or Pantone & special matches are available.