Briter Australasia Quality Policy

Quality ISO 9001

Briter is a Printing company specialising in the "top end" of the printing market. The main area of business is the printing of membrane switches and facias onto polycarbonates and polyesters.

Our policy towards our customers, employees, suppliers and the community includes:

  • We shall ensure to understand and clearly define the client requirements and product specifications before the acceptance of orders. We will continually improve customer satisfaction levels.
  • We aim to maintain a long-term partnership with our clients and suppliers - ensuring DIFOT (Delivery in full on time), cost optimisation and development of solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.
  • We continually develop our employees through additional training, multiskilling, and involvement in all aspects of our business.
  • We will maintain a quality system which meets the requirements of ISO9001 and seek continually to improve the effectiveness of the quality system.
  • We shall train and maintained competent operators - achieving our productivity targets and safety in all activities and processes.