The conversion of electrical energy into light is known as electroluminescence.

An Electroluminescent Lamp (EL) is a thin flexible illumination source used in lighting displays, instrument panels, Point of Purchase signs and architectural lighting. The light generated is cool with very low power consumption.

Some of the advantages of EL over LEDs or florescent lighting are:

  • EL has much lower power consumption so can be run off batteries for extended periods of time and hence be more mobile (no need to run power cables)
  • EL gives a much more even light source (no hot spots of light) and can hence eliminate the need for diffusers.
  • EL panels are much thinner that conventional backlighting (less than 1mm in most cases)

There are now a huge number of solid state lighting devices made with different components, such as purely inorganic, purely organic or a combination of both. The application of these devices has proven to be very broad, as they are used for lighting purposes, displays or architectural lighting among others.

At Briter, we can manufacture artifacts with electroluminescence more that 3 times brighter than current alternative technology.

Our patented process produces the most efficient and brightest electroluminescence in the world.

At 115v 400Hz, outputs of up to 70fL @ 0.25 mA per cm2 can be designed. When combined with smart inverters and matched to competitors half life brightness, BRITe not only performs 2-3 times longer but can be designed to deliver electrically more efficient brightness.

View the flash movie below to see examples in action.

Open Electroluminescence

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